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You’re likely here because you know Search Marketing, Google Ads, SEO and digital marketing are essential for your growth. But, you either don’t know where to start or you haven’t achieved the desired Search Marketing results in the past. Many search marketers come and go, but our performance-based search agency team has been in search engine marketing for over a decade. We’re here to offer you a better service and a different approach. Measurable Search Marketing growth, leads and sales are at the core of all we do. 

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Let our leading SEO team take your organic search presence to the next level. Our expert techniques drive long-term website growth. Long-term, our SEO delivers a higher ROI than most other channels.

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Google Ads

Our expert team will use their leading Google Ads experience to deliver you Search Marketing results quickly. We'll get you in front of the right people fast and deliver website visitors who are looking for a solution just like yours.

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Conversion Optimisation

Our Conversion Optimisation team will enhance your website to increase your conversion rate. Meaning we'll get more value out of your existing website visitors before you put another dollar into Search Marketing.​


What makes theTrafficCrowd™ Search Marketing experts team different?

We listen to what you need from day one. We dig through data to identify the best Search Marketing campaign approach to deliver you the best results, and wrap your Search Marketing campaign plan around this.

We are a specialist Google search agency differentiated by our experience, data-driven approach and specialisation in Google Search Marketing. We laser focus on being the best at Google Search Marketing and optimising your conversions.

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24/7 real time reporting

Transparency is precisely what you get with our technology. We give you 24/7 Search Marketing campaign insights using smart technology.

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Leading Search Marketing experience

We are a crew of Australia’s leading digital Search Marketing experts with over a decade of experience under our belt. None of our Search Marketing firm work is outsourced overseas, we are an Australian-owned local Search Marketing agency.

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Specialist Search Marketing team

We are Search Marketing experts; we aren’t a Search Marketing agency that offers ten services and does a sub-par job across all ( AKA jack of all trades, master of none). We are experts in one key area; Google Search Marketing and increasing website conversions.

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Customised campaigns

From day one, our Search Marketing specialist crew invests time in proper market research and dig through market data to ensure your Search Marketing campaign is set up for success. Every single campaign is customised. We never have, and never will, offer a cookie-cutter one size fits all approach.

Who are TrafficCrowd ™ Search Marketing services for?

You're in good company

TrafficCrowd™ Search Marketing company customers are typically accomplished founders, business leaders, or marketers responsible for growing brands. You’re the perfect fit for our specialist search agency if you’re serious about growth. 

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Corporate SEO

Corporate SEO *Get a free Growth Strategy Session from leading corporate SEO experts. Corporate SEO”> Think of corporate SEO as the perfect marriage between art

Short answers to specific Search Marketing questions

Frequently asked Search Marketing questions

Search Marketing is the process of driving traffic or customers to your website via a search engine. Search Marketing is made up of two methods: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google Ads. 

Search Marketing techniques get you found on Google for keywords your target audience is typing into Google. This means you can drive people looking for solutions like you offer to your website.

The key difference is you’ll be found for SEO in the organic area (free section) of search engine results and Google Ads are found in the paid Ad area of search engine results.

Most industries and brands will benefit from Search Marketing. Considering that just about everyone uses Goggle nowadays to find what they are looking for, ensuring your brand can be found for these searches will make a significant impact on your brand growth.

They can be equally important; SEO and Google Ads will deliver targeted visitors to your website. In some cases, brands may want to make a smaller investment into Search Marketing initially; If this is you, choosing between the two methods will depend on your goals and budget. SEO is excellent for long-term results and delivers more traffic than other methods. Google Ads will deliver results sooner, making it an excellent strategy for quick wins. You should pick the option that best suits your goal. Still unsure which option might suit your goals best or whether you should do both? Get in touch with our team to work this out with you.

Absolutely! Our local search agency team will be involved as little or as much as you require.Our Search Marketing strategists have experience working with in-house marketing teams, website development teams, copywriting teams, and other agencies. We even have a proven consulting framework for brands who want to roll out in-house SEO or/and Google Ads, starting from strategy to implementation and measuring outcomes.

We are a specialist agency who focus on Search Marketing. We pride ourselves on being the best at Search Marketing, this laser-focus on being a specialist digital search agency rather than offering every possible digital marketing service ensures the best outcomes for our customers.

Although we don’t do website builds for the general public or as a stand-alone service, we do have a website design and development team who look after building new websites, updating websites, or custom coding development work for existing clients. This way, you don’t have to go through multiple vendors, saving you time and money. In addition, we have hosting infrastructure available for existing clients and a strong network of designers and marketers in our network who are on hand as needed for any other brand or digital marketing requirements you have.

We assist with just about any CMS as well as many custom built websites. Some of the more common platforms are Shopify and WordPress. When it comes to website models, if you’re looking for a specialist eCommerce Search Marketing agency, a lead generation specialist, directory search marketers or even a Search Marketing team who understands complex marketplaces, we’ve got you, our team have the experience you require to achieve the best possible results. Get  in touch with our team!