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Get access to an interactive SEO course that will enable you to create long-lasting growth in your business.

Kelly - Photographer
Kelly - Photographer
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"I’ve been blown away with the results I’ve seen so far!"
Michelle - Events
Michelle - Events
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"Even in a pandemic my web traffic and enquiries are coming in fast!"
Mon - eCommerce marketplace
Mon - eCommerce marketplace
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"70% increase in my Shopify sales during the 1st month!"
**(this $495 course price will never be repeated again)

SEO mastery course overview

Do you want to get more sales from Google? But are you struggling to justify the investment? DIY SEO could well be the answer. Do you want to know how SEO agencies get you results? This course is for you. 

Learning and mastering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is made easy with TrafficCrowd®. 

DIY SEO works well for small businesses because thousands of dollars to spend on SEO per month isn’t usually just lying around.

Our DIY SEO bridges this gap. Being created specifically for small businesses.

Our DIY SEO course un-complicates the pressures of fitting your business into a budget and gives you easy access to a premium SEO solution that may have otherwise been out of reach.

SEO may seem like hard-to-understand voodoo but we are certain anyone can learn SEO. This SEO course is designed so anyone with basic computer skills can follow along and learn to get their website ranked higher on Google. We are so sure of your ability to manage your SEO that we offer a performance guarantee. If you promise to follow everything in our course and see no improvement in your rankings, we’ll refund your course investment in full – that’s how sure we are of our tested and proven SEO techniques.

What does this SEO course include?

Want your website to rank higher on Google so you can get more customers and increase brand awareness? Can’t budget thousands per month to do this through agencies? Well, we have the answer, introducing our comprehensive DIY SEO course, designed to take you from SEO rookie to SEO master. We will teach you how to rank for hundreds of keywords. This course is led by an SEO industry OG, Jessica Williams who has headed up and worked for leading Google Search & SEO agencies for well over a decade. Over the years Jessica has helped thousands of small businesses and well-known brands improve their marketing or/ and search; brands like Pilgrim, MEGT, Deakin, VenueNow and many more. Jessica has been featured in many publications, some include but are not limited to;

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You can expect:

Access to our Australian DIY SEO support community

You’ll receive lifetime access to our free Facebook community for students. In a like-minded group of business owners and marketing managers, you can support each other throughout your SEO journey and stay up to date on the latest SEO tips and trends.

12 course modules

Over 12 comprehensive easy-to-follow modules that cover all SEO techniques, you should implement to see your Google rankings soar. 

5 included group Q&A sessions

Live Q&A webinars with Jessica  where you can ask your questions. The schedule for these will be shared during the first-course module. If you can’t make it to one, you can post your questions in the online library thread dedicated to these sessions so we can address them during the session. The session will be recorded and added to the library so you can catch up in your own time. 

Learn cutting-edge techniques

You will have the opportunity to learn from Jessica Williams, a leading expert in the field. She has created cutting-edge techniques and understands best SEO practices to drive long-lasting growth in your business.

Access to an online library

The online library includes course recordings, Q&A session recordings, and easy-to-follow cheat sheets. Each course asset has a discussion area under each item (webinar/ handout/ Q&A session) so you can seek clarification any time you require.

Learn when it suits you

We host every module live but make the recordings available via the online library. If you’re unable to make a session or prefer to do modules on your own time, the library makes it easy to do so.

Performance guarantee

If you follow every step for on-page SEO + 6 months off-page SEO for 1 website and see no improvement in your keyword rankings, we’ll refund your money. 

Instead of paying thousands, pay a few hundred one time only

Quality SEO is typically out of reach for small businesses due to the significant investment required to ensure it is done well. Our DIY SEO course is designed to teach you how to do SEO at the same level you can expect when engaging with an SEO agency, minus the price tag, how good is that?

**(this $495 course price will never be repeated again)
Course syllabus

The modules

The live course modules run every Tuesday at 5pm, each module webinar lasts about 1 hour. Many modules come with handouts you can keep for quick reference guides on your SEO journey. Some modules include templates to use during the module video sessions. 

A week before the course kicks off – you’ll receive an email to access the course portal, it is here you’ll get the logins for the live sessions, access to course/ Q&A session recordings + handout documents. 

Inclusions key:

🎥 Webinar content (live session access + session recording added to the online library within 48 business hours of session conclusion).

📄 Handouts or templates (Any handouts or templates will be made available before the live module session commences).

🤷🏼 Q&A sessions (live session access + session recording added to the online library within 48 business hours of session conclusion).

**during some modules you will be granted free access to SEM Rush (this occurs only during the week of the relevant live module sessions – you can purchase your own plan if you are doing the course in your own time). 

**(this $495 course price will never be repeated again - course value $3595)
Short answers to specific questions

Frequently asked DIY SEO course questions

This course is for small business owners and in-house marketing managers wanting to upskill so they can roll out SEO in-house using their existing resources. This course is not for anyone offering marketing services or similar to clients. 

If you can use a computer and navigate Google and websites comfortably, that is more than enough. You don’t need to be a computer whizz to learn how to master SEO.

This course is for all types of websites / CMS platforms. For teaching, we will mostly use WordPress and Shopify for example purposes throughout the course. However, everything within this course can be implemented on any website. 

Once you’re a student. You can access the online library for life. The library discussion threads are switched off on completion of the course, the Facebook group support community is there to support you and to answer any questions you have along the way beyond course completion. 

This course is updated often due to Google algorithm changes and other factors. You can access any updated recordings within the library. 

This is absolutely fine and highly encouraged! If you are engaging an agency and want to understand what they do thoroughly, this is the course for you. It will enable you to make better choices when selecting an SEO partner. 

Absolutely! We run our course live but ensure every session is accessible within your library so you can learn at your own pace. The recordings and module handouts go live within 48 business hours of the live sessions.

Unfortunately no. Anyone found to be doing this will be instantly removed from the course without refund. The course materials are copyright protected. 

You can expect to see ranking improvements if you implement each step of the course. 

Absolutely! Timezone worries aren’t an issue as we also make our course available within the online library so you can learn in your own time. 

There are no partial or full refunds available for opting out of the course due to the extremely discounted pricing, this ensures our admin and course marketing is covered. 

This is more than fine! It is better to be putting into place learnings as we go throughout the course as the content will be easier to recall but there is no reason why you can’t attend the course if your website isn’t yet live.

This is more than fine! It is better to be putting into place learnings as we go through the course modules. This way, the course content will be easier to recall but there is no reason why you can’t attend the course if your website isn’t yet live. Plus, you have lifetime access to the course recordings so you can back track if needed.

Module sessions run live each week via video over 12 weeks. If you prefer to stretch the course out longer or go at your own pace, you can access these session recordings anytime within the online library.

Some industries are more competitive but regardless of this, with our SEO approach, you will see ranking improvements no matter the space you operate in.

Our next course will run in 2023. However, this current course will be available within your online library so even if you can’t make the live module sessions you can still partake in this course during your own time. Alternatively, sign up to our email opt-in list (found at the bottom of this page) so we can notify you as soon as the next date is finalised.

Our first Q&A session will run between modules 3 & 4, then each module between 8 and 9 onwards. The last one will be held between modules 11 and 12. See the above course syllabus to see when these run within a timeline.

These will run on Wednesdays at 4pm, the day after the last live module.

We have set these up at these points to ensure we can cover off previous modules in a way that makes sense flow wise. For example, modules 1 to 3 are relevant to each other for example and so on. 

Additionally, during the live module sessions you can post questions in the chat. Jessica will spend about 10 minutes each session answering as many questions as possible.

If you cannot make a session, these recordings will be made available within the library. There is also a place to submit any questions prior to a session in case you cannot make it. 

Only questions relevant to the course learning materials will be answered, courses that require individual website analysis are not included nor are any answers you can find addressed within this page. 

Questions can also be asked during the session by submitting these in the chat box. The same rules regarding questions apply. 

For any questions you can participate in the Q&A sessions, this is what they are designed for. The sessions allow you to get your questions answered.  

We cannot respond to all facebook questions, the group is designed so you can support each other in your learnings using the course modules. We aren’t available for one on one emails, calls etc to address any questions you may have regarding your website. Any questions can be answered during the Q&A sessions. 

A week before the first live module session, you will receive an email with a link to access your online SEO library. Here you will find access to everything you need.

Access the recordings in the online library at any time. These are made available within 48 business hours of a session. 

The performance guarantee is in place for 12 months from when the last live session concludes. If you follow every step in the modules and consistently build links for 6 months and see no ranking improvements, we’ll refund your entire course fee minus a $95+GST admin fee.

Yes, like all good things, they have mostly been addressed within the Q&A’s listed on this page, you can do a last review of the terms upon signing up to the course however. These are in place to ensure your expectations and ours are aligned regarding what you can expect from this course. 

Absolutely! You can choose specific modules on topics that interest you; however you will  receive all modules in your online library. We don’t offer discounts for doing only parts of this course.

**(this $495 course price will never be repeated again)
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