A bit about us

We are utterly obsessed with helping brands grow

We started TrafficCrowd™ with a dream to deliver actual search engine results that positively impact your bottom line.

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Who are we and what do we do

Introducing TrafficCrowd™

We are specialist search marketing consultants who deliver – from day one; we listen to what you need, dig through data to identify the best campaign strategy to deliver results, and wrap your campaign plan around this. We are obsessed with data and delivering actual Google search marketing results.

Differentiated by our data-driven approach and specialisation in all things Google marketing, we don’t try to wear too many hats by offering a range of marketing services (email, social, and everything else under the digital sun). We laser focus on being the best at Google marketing and optimising your conversions.

We are a crew of Australia’s leading search marketing experts with over a decade of experience.
Business leaders, founders, and marketing managers have asked for transparency, and this is precisely what you get with our reporting technology. 

Welcome to TrafficCrowd™, where we work hard and have fun every minute of the day to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

Our purpose

We believe all brands deserve to be found online by their target audience.

Our vision

We will accelerate brand growth for every client.

Our brand promise

We will deliver actual results or we’ll work for free until we do.

*eligible websites only/ not for month by month to 3 month engagements, 12 month engagements only/ terms and conditions apply.

Our values sit at the core of what we do

Our values

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Continuous improvement

We prioritise improvement. We are constantly sharpening our skills and refining our expertise to deliver the best service and outcomes for our clients. Complacency is the killer of progress, so we never become complacent.

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Technology & data-driven

There’s no guesswork here. We use innovative technology to bring our clients accurate data, enabling all stakeholders to take meaningful action for better outcomes.

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Integrity will always sit at the core of everything we do. Every interaction, action, and communication is completed to the highest quality, and we never take shortcuts.

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We do our best work when everyone's having fun. We make it fun to grow brands through nurtured relationships with stakeholders and a positive workplace culture.

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Value for money

When brands trust us with their digital growth and sales, we do not take it lightly. We believe in value for money without sacrificing results, so we pack as much value into our service as possible.

Just a few examples of brand results

The proof is in the pudding

Work with a crew who works hard to earn you results

TrafficCrowd™ VS others

✘ They compromise quality by outsourcing offshore.
✔ We outsource nothing overseas.
✘ They rarely deliver reports or communicate.
✔ We give you 24/7 access to the data that matters plus a monthly performance snapshot.
✘ They make you empty promises.
✔ We deliver actual results.
✘ They offer you lots of services and never have the time to be remarkable at them all.
✔ We specialise in search engine marketing, preferring to be a master at one than a sub-par jack of all.
✘ They hire lots of inexperienced team members to save on labour, compromising your results.
✔ We only have technical specialists work on your campaigns who have at least ten years experience.
✘ They offer the industry standard cookie-cutter packages.
✔ From day 1 we invest time in proper market research and customise your campaign according to market data.